Everything You Need To Know About Oral Sex

Sex is fundamental in any marriage and so is oral sex. As a matter of fact, oral sex is even more important because it signifies you are willing to give for your partner’s pleasure. Oral sex is not only for women, but men should also be willing to perform for their women. Therefore, oral sex should be done concurrently to increase the levels of pleasure on both partners. You have to be willing because there are escorts that are highly trained and understand the need to have oral sex before penetration. If you don’t want your partner’s focus to turn to escort, read below on everything you need to know about oral sex.

How to do oral sex

If you understand that oral sex is all about utilizing your tongue and mouth to stimulate your partner, then you are good to go.

For men: You can initiate oral sex regardless of whether his penis has erected or not. Start by touching him with your hands as this sends a message to his brain and he gets prepared psychologically. Use your tongue around his nipples and then to his balls. Give him a blowjob where you can use your forefinger and thumb to make a ring to monitor how far you want his penis to penetrate in your mouth. Do it gently, and you’ll definitely send him to heaven.

For women: Start off by kissing and touching every part of your woman. Kiss her ears, back of the neck, and move your tongue around her nipples. Touch her belly and her thighs before resting on her vagina. A woman’s clitoris contains around 8000 nerve endings that make it sensitive. Lick her vagina, and when you open the vaginal lips, you will find a vaginal opening and the clit. Lick gently but with purpose. Above all, be gentle.

Tips for best oral sex

If you want your partner to enjoy oral sex, consider the following tips:
• Use your fingers to touch your partner all over the body until you find his or her sensitive areas
• Start off slowly and be gentle
• Use your tongue and the front teeth around his or her nipples
• If you realize that your partner is shying away, put off the lights
• Show your partner excitement during oral sex as that’s the best time to be happy

Other Things to Consider

Oral sex is both good and harmful to your health. The good part of it is that it induces sleep, helps in relieving pain, protects your man from prostate cancer, boosts your memory, controls blood pressure, protects your woman from breast cancer, and improves moods and stress levels.

On the other hand, oral sex is associated with a high risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like gonorrhea, herpes, and syphilis. Avoid oral sex if one of you has sores around or in the penis, vagina, mouth, or has bleeding gums. If your partner has one of the above, it’s a clear sign of some type infection.

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