Sexy Summer Fun

Is summer sex different from other sex? Summer sex has its won challenges and if you are planning to fit some adult fun in to your summer, there are indeed a few things that you need to be aware of before you pack your bags and rush off to Ibiza with your friends. One thing that you certainly want to do, is to pack a load of condoms. Last year when I took my summer break from London escorts, I found out that condoms are very expensive in Spain. This year I am off again with a girl from cheap escorts in London, and I have remembered to pack loads of condoms.

What about sex on the beach? Is it legal to have sex on the beach in Spain? You need to be aware that it is not legal to have sex anywhere in public in Spain. However, prostitution is legal and don’t be surprised to see girls sitting in deck chair along main national road in Spain. I wondered what was going on, but when I came back to London escorts, one of my dates who has got a villa in Spain, told me they were Damas de Noche. That means ladies of the night. Most of the girls at our London escorts service thought it was kind of sweet.

What about sand? Remember that sand can get anywhere and you want to be careful. It is best to have a shower and wash of all of the sand before you jump into bed with your sexy summer love interest. I have personally not have had any problems with sand in delicate places, but I have hear from other London escorts that it is a common problem. It is best to be careful, and I am sure that other London escorts would have holiday tips for you as well.Don’t drink too much! It is easy to drink too much when you go on holiday. Beer and wine are both a lot cheaper and it is easy to get carried away when you are out about and enjoying tapas with your friends. One of my favorite things in Spain is all of the tapas bars.

They are cheap and a complete break from life in London. When you work for a London escorts service, you spend a lot of time indoors. It is nice to get out and about, drinking too much is easy to do.Also, remember one more thing about alcohol. When you drink too much, it is easy to lose your inhibitions and you may just end up in bed with a person you don’t really want to end up in bed with. When I date on behalf of London escorts, I really don’t drink a lot. I may have a glass of wine, but that is as far as it goes. The rest of the evening I will simply drink water and say that it is for health reasons. You should perhaps consider doing the same when you are on holiday abroad. It might just keep you safe.

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